Names, photographs and brief biographies for the members of the Plextek RFI management team.

Liam Devlin – CEO


Liam became CEO of Plextek RF Integration (now Plextek RFI Ltd.) in November 2012 when it was formed from the RF Integration Group of Plextek Ltd. Liam originally joined Plextek in 1996 and was Director of the RF Integration Group. He has led the design and development of over 80 custom ICs on a range of GaAs, GaN and Si processes at frequencies from baseband to 90GHz. He has also developed microwave and mm-wave sub-systems using a variety of technologies from conventional SMT on laminate substrates to chip and wire assemblies. He also serves as a MMIC expert witness (GaAs, GaN and Si) and provides expert witness advice for other RF, microwave and mm-wave technologies. Prior to joining Plextek he was Chief Designer with GEC-Marconi Caswell where he designed GaAs ICs for both the commercial product line and for customer specific applications. Prior to this, Liam was employed by Philips Research Laboratories. He graduated from Leeds University in 1988 with a first class honours degree in electrical and electronic engineering and has published over 40 technical papers.

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David Cox – Commercial Director (Plextek Group)

David graduated in Law from the London School of Economics in 1984 and qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in 1990. His industrial experience encompasses a broad range of industries, including vehicle manufacturing, transport and food production. Prior to joining Plextek as Commercial Director, David was the Financial Director for the UK leader in small scale combined heat & power (CHP) installations and was also instrumental in setting up a thin film vacuum coating start-up company.

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If you would like to make use of Liam Devlin’s MMIC expert witness advice or would like expert advice on other aspects of RF, microwave and mm-wave engineering and technology please icon_mailto email us with “Expert Witness Advice” in the subject line.