Microwave/mm-wave Design

Plextek RFI designs microwave and mm-wave components and sub-systems. Our experience includes custom MMICs, multi-chip modules (MCMs) using bare die, microwave PCBs using SMT on laminate, thick film, thin film, LTCC and waveguide modules.

Microwave and mm-wave Technology

We are one of the few independent design houses able to offer RF and microwave design services that extend up to mm-wave frequencies. Our designs have ranged from fast switching, broadband microwave synthesisers for avionics radar applications to E-band MMIC amplifiers and IRMs for 71 to 76GHz and 81 to 86GHz point-to-point links. We are also actively engaged in the design of innovative icon_film mm-wave components for 5G.

We have design experience to 100GHz and the ability to combine an in-depth understanding of microwave and mm-wave technology with our strong background in high volume product design. This allows us to develop cost-competitive microwave and mm-wave modules and sub-systems suitable for commercial exploitation. As a truly independent design house we can select the right technology for the specific application.

Our services include individual sub-system design and supply through to complete turnkey custom MMIC development.

Example Projects:



  • Custom MMIC
  • 28GHz PA & Phase Shifter
  • Multi-Chip Modules
  • E-band MMICs and modules
  • Gain/phase control modules for phased arrays
  • Radar front-ends (X, Ku, K, Ka bands)
  • PAs, LNAs, synthesisers, mixers, switches
  • mm-wave MMICs for 5G systems
  • Thin-film, thick-film, icon_pdf LTCC