MMIC/RFIC design

Plextek RFI has a dedicated team that develops RF Integrated Circuits (RFICs) and Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) using GaAs, Si, SiGe and GaN technologies at frequencies from baseband to 100GHz. We are able to draw on many years of cutting edge experience and have a wealth of proven IP that allows us to reduce risk and timescales for our clients.

MMIC and RFIC Design and Technology Development

Our RFIC/MMIC design team has developed over 95 full custom ICs and has experience of taking designs from conception to mass production. We are recognised as a global leader in the design of RF, microwave and mm-wave ICs and have experience of developing custom mm-wave MMICs for 5G systems.

We have experience of the full IC production cycle and are able to manage the complete supply process including packaging, characterisation and test. Plextek RFI’s clients in this area include major IC vendors such as Analog Devices, Sony Semiconductor and National Semiconductor as well as advanced system developers such as QinetiQ, MBDA and Aeroflex. Our designs are used in a wide range of applications from test instrumentation to infrastructure equipment and very high volume consumer wireless devices.

We operate our own dedicated RF On Wafer (RFOW) test facility and act as a design house for several leading foundries including GCS, Qorvo and WIN Semiconductor.

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Example Projects:



  • GaAs PHEMT, InGaP HBT, GaN, SiGe, CMOS and VPIN MMIC design
  • RFOW test and evaluation
  • LNAs, PAs, switches, VCOs, limiters, mixers
  • Phase shifters, switched attenuators, VVAs and frequency multipliers
  • Multifunction receiver and transmitter MMICs
  • RF and microwave SMT packaging
  • Production test solutions
  • IC supply chain management


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