IP Portfolio

Plextek RFI has a wealth of previous designs on which it draws for the benefit of its clients. The use of this IP allows us to reduce the risk and timescale for new custom IC developments. The table below gives an overview of some these previous designs.

5G, mm-wave MMICs
39GHz, 1W PA 0.15um PHEMT 38 to 42GHz, SMT packaged, 19dB gain, 40dBm IP3, 31dBm P-1dB
28GHz SP4T PIN diode 24 to 32GHz, 0.8dB loss, isolation > 23dB
20 to 30GHz SPDT PIN diode 20 to 30GHz, 0.65dB loss, isolation > 40dB
26GHz, 0.4W PA 0.15um PHEMT 24 to 28GHz, die or dual channel laminate SMT, 22dB gain, 34dBm IP3, 26dBm P-1dB
28GHz, 1W PA 0.15um PHEMT 26 to 31GHz, SMT packaged, 23dB gain, 41dBm IP3, 31dBm P-1dB
28GHz PA with phase adjust 0.15um PHEMT 27 to 29.5GHz, PA with 4 bit phase control; 20dB gain, +38dBm IP3, rms phase accuracy 2.3°.
26GHz/32GHz dual band, 1W PA 0.15um PHEMT Band switchable: 24.25-27.5GHz/ 31.8-33.4GHz; 20dB gain, 30dBm P-1dB
28GHz, MPA 0.15um E-PHEMT 26.5 to 29GHz; 20dB gain, XdBm P-1dB: 26dBm, 33dBm IP3; SMT packaged
28GHz FEM 0.15um E-PHEMT Includes PA, LNA and Rx/Tx switch. 26.5 to 29GHz; Rx NF 3dB, Tx IP3 28dBm; SMT packaged
Power Amplifiers
3.5GHz, 5G Doherty PA 0.4um GaN on SiC 3.4 to 3.8GHz, Psat 45dBm, PAE 31.5% at 8dB BO, 3.5% EVM and -33dBc ACLR at 36dBm out
28GHz, 1W PA 0.15um PHEMT 26 to 31GHz, SMT packaged, 23dB gain, 41dBm IP3, 31dBm P-1dB
32GHz, 1W PA 0.15um PHEMT 29 to 35GHz, SMT packaged, 19dB gain, 39dBm IP3, 30dBm P-1dB
39GHz, 1W PA 0.15um PHEMT 38 to 42GHz, SMT packaged, 19dB gain, 40dBm IP3, 31dBm P-1dB
6-18GHz, 0.5W PA 0.25um PHEMT 6 to 18GHz, SMT packaged, 12dB gain, 27dBm P-1dB
X-band, 7W GaN PA 0.25um GaN on SiC 9 to 11.5GHz, 13dB gain, 7W (38.5dBm) Psat from 29dBm drive, 42% PAE
15GHz, 6W Gan PA 0.25um GaN on SiC 13.5 to 15.5GHz, 22dB gain, 38dBm Psat, PAE 36%, IP3 48dBm
X-band, 25W GaN PA 0.25um GaN on SiC 10 to 11.5GHz, 25dB gain, 25W Psat, 33% PAE
2-18GHz, 7W GaN PA 0.25um GaN on SiC 2 to 18GHz, 10dB gain, 7W Psat, 25% PAE
Broadband Amplifiers
DC to 12GHz gain block 2um InGaP HBT Darlington gain block, 10dB gain, 12dBm P-1dBm at 4GHz, matches > 10dB
DC to 6GHz gain block 0.25um ED PHEMT E/D mode Darlington amp., 15dB gain at 1GHz, 8dB at 6GHz, P-1o>+21dBm at 2GHz
DC to 18GHz TWA 0.25um PHEMT Cascode coupled distributed amp, 20dB gain with positive gain slope, 2.2dB NF, 23dBm P-1dB
6 to 20GHz gain blocks 0.15um PHEMT 6 to 20GHz; Gain ~ 8dB; variants at P-1dB of up to 19dBm, matches > 15dB
6 to 18GHz gain block 0.25um PHEMT 6 to 19GHz; Gain ~ 9.5dB, 18dBm P-1dB, 27dBm IP3
Other Amplifiers
V-band amp 0.13um PHEMT 54 to 67GHz, bare die,11dB gain, 12dBm P-1dB
5-6GHz amp 2um InGaP HBT 4.9 – 6 GHz U-NII band amplifier; 17dB gain , 26dBm Psat, 37dBm IP3
0.5 – 4GHz robust LNA 0.25um GaN on SiC 0.5 to 1.5GHz, 14.5dB gain, 1.9dB NF, 21dBm P-1dB, 29dBm IP3
E-band, sub-harmonic IRM 0.13um PHEMT 76 to 86GHz RF, IF to 10GHz, conversion loss 12dB, image rejection 15dB
6-22GHz DB mixer 0.13um PHEMT 2 to 22GHz RF/LO, SMT packaged, IF to 4GHz, conv loss 7dB, IP3 22dBm, LO rejection 45dB
20-40GHz DB 0.15um PHEMT 20 to 40GHz RF/LO, IF to 15GHz, conv loss 9dB, IP3 18dBm
5.5 – 14GHz DB 0.25um PHEMT 2 to 23GHz RF/LO, SMT packaged and bare die, IF to 4GHz, conv loss XXdB, IP3 XXdBm
2-18GHz upconverter 0.25um PHEMT 2-18GHz input; 20 to 25GHz out, 8dB conversion loss, >30dB LO rejection
Frequency Multipliers
13 to 39GHz trebler 0.25um PHEMT Output range 37.5-40.5GHz, conv loss 7dB, fundamental rejection 20dB
10 to 20GHz doubler 0.13um PHEMT 10-20GHz input, 20-40GHz output; conversion loss 12dB; fundamental rejection > 45dB
Switches (RF and microwave)
DC-2.5GHz SPDT 0.5um PHEMT DC-2.5GHz +ve ctrl SPDT Switch; loss 0.6dB, isolation > 20dB, P-1dB 36dBm, IP3 53dBm
DC-20GHz SPDT 0.25um PHEMT DC-20GHz; loss 1dB to 10GHz, 1,6dB to 20GHz; P-1dB +27dBm
28GHz SPDT PIN diode 20-30 GHz, loss ~ 0.65dB; isolation > 40dB
28GHz SPDT PIN diode 24-34 GHz, loss ~ 0.8dB; isolation > 20dB
38GHz SPDT PIN diode 34-40 GHz, loss ~ 0.8dB; isolation > 20dB
28GHz SP4T PIN diode 24-34 GHz, loss ~ 1dB; isolation > 20dB
38GHz SP4T PIN diode 34-40 GHz, loss ~ 1dB; isolation > 20dB
DC-20GHz SPDT 0.25um GaN on SiC DC-20GHz; loss 0.75dB at 1GHz, 1.3dB at 20GHz; isolation 40dB, IP3 62dBm
Phase Shifters
35GHz, 5-bit 0.25um PHEMT 32 – 38GHz; 5-bit, digitally controlled phase shifter,
28GHz, 4-bit 0.15um PHEMT 25 to 30GHz, 4-bit, digitally controlled phase shifter, 2º rms phase error
X-band, 6-bit 0.5um PHEMT 8 to 11GHz; 6-bit, digitally controlled phase shifter, 2º rms phase error
DC – 30GHz 0.25um PHEMT DC to 30GHz VVA, dynamic range 42dB at 10GHz, 40dB at 30GHz
DC – 43GHz 0.15um PHEMT DC to 43GHz VVA, dynamic range 25dB at 10GHz, 20dB at 40GHz
0.5 – 20GHz PIN Insertion loss <0.8dB; limits to +18dBm handles up to 5W
1 – 40GHz PIN Insertion loss < 1dB, limiting performance TBC


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